Goat (accidentally) injures several Russian soldiers in Zaporizhia – Observer

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Four dozen Russian soldiers were detained at a hospital in the village of Kinsky Rostori in Saporizhia, Ukraine.

In the perimeter around the site, The invaders installed a “circular guard” system with “tripping wires”.. “Tripping wires” are very thin metal rods used to make traps, and they are connected by a mechanical or electronic means that triggers a fulminant that explodes the charge – in this particular case grenades.

Unexpected invasion of the perimeter of the hospital occurred only after the Russian soldiers had set up this entire system. The goat, which escaped from a farm near the hospital, appeared at the scene and accidentally detonated a series of bombs. Several Russian soldiers are said to have been injured, as the direction of the Ukrainian secret services advanced this Monday. Quoted by the Russian newspaper Pravda.

Moscow forces are said to have admitted him to hospital with injuries of various sizes.Coincidentally, according to the Russian website, in the village of Kinski Rostori, there was a chaotic movement around the place caused by animal activity.

As for the animal, Pravda says its “fate” is not yet known, so it is not known whether the goat survived.

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