France: Emmanuel Macron loses absolute majority in parliament, according to first election predictions

Ahead of the final results of Sunday’s second round of assembly elections, the big question was whether supporters of the centrist President Emmanuel Macron (“together!” Coalition) would get an absolute majority in the new National Assembly. Parliament, though not in need of a coalition.

According to initial predictions, it is now certain that he did not receive it. According to opinion polls, Macron’s “Juntos!” With a maximum of 248 seats, it is far from a majority of 289 seats.

These results, which need to be confirmed overnight, suggest major difficulties for Macron in governing because a majority told Expresso that he was “very relative” – ​​in France, he is the head of state who heads the cabinet. .

The leader of the left-wing coalition (NUPES – New Union Popular de Esquerda e Socialista), Jean Luc Mélenchon, dreamed of success in forcing the head of state, but, as expected, that aim failed.

However, he won because Emmanuel Macron would clearly lose his absolute majority, forcing him to rule as a minority or in alliance with the right-wing “The Republicans” party.

NUPES may reach 156 delegates.

As for the National Assembly (RN), through Marine Le Pen (Nationalist), it aims to win a strong parliamentary committee – and, by predictions, for the first time with the current two-round majority consensus system, this party is not in favor. It was able to elect more than 80 delegates.

The Republican (Classical Right) party, which is likely to support Macron in the legislature, has 78 seats.

According to estimates, the turnout in this second round was huge, with about 54% of voters.

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