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Former Ukrainian Vice President Alexei Kovalev, who collaborated with Russian forces, was found dead at his home in the Kherson region. The news was posted on several Telegram channels before it was confirmed by Russia this Monday.

“Russian propagandists confirm to the public the death of deputy traitor Alexei Kovalev. His body was found at his home in Hola Preston. Facebook Serhii Glon, adviser to the head of Kherson’s military-civilian administration.

The Russian Investigative Committee has already announced The circumstances of the murder are being investigated By Alexey Kovalev, served as deputy head of the Kherson regional administration for agriculture during the Russian occupation. The Russian ministry indicates that Kovalev died of a gunshot wound at his home on August 28, the state agency said. Rhea Novosti. The woman who lived with him also died in the attack.

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Kovalev was a deputy of the “Servant of the People” party led by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to Ukraine Pravda, It was expelled On May 3 after agreeing to cooperate with Russian forces in the Kherson region, practically under occupation since the beginning of the occupation.

This is not the first time they have tried to kill the former vice chancellor. as remember Ukrainian journalist Andriy Shaplienko was a previous victim of an assassination attempt in Kherson and members of the opposition. He declared it a “priority target”..

On June 22, Ukrainian intelligence chief Kyrillo Budanov confirmed that Kovalev’s car had exploded in Kherson. A week later, a former “Servant of the People” member claimed to have survived an assassination attempt, which he “”nasty job” conducted by Ukrainian secret forces.

In the Kherson region, Many Russian collaborators have been targeted in assassination attemptsFew are successful, because of this Ukrainian resistance. Recently, Vitaly Gur, the deputy head of the Nova Khakovka administration, was shot while leaving his building and died on the way to the hospital.

“Invisible Behind Russian Lines”: Ukrainian Resistance Gives No Fight in Kherson

Ukrainian forces Initiated a attack In the south of the country against the Russian army, including in the Kherson region, confirmed Natalia Humeniuk, Ukrainian spokeswoman for the Southern Command. Ukraine has repeatedly shown its intention to recapture the occupied territories, especially Kherson.

Kiev says it has launched an offensive against Russian forces in the south

Natalia Humeniuk declined to provide details of the operations, but said 10 Russian ammunition depots had been hit in the past week. He feels that these recent attacks on logistics routes in the south of the country have “undoubtedly weakened the enemy”.

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