Estonian PM fears possible Russian invasion will “completely destroy” Baltic states – Observer

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Estonian Prime Minister Gaja Gallus fears that a possible Russian invasion could wipe out the Baltic republics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Gajah Gallus speaking to the Financial Times Insisted The Kremlin’s invasion of three territories “symbolizes the complete destruction of nations and cultures.” To express his vision, he referred to the “size of Ukraine” compared to the “three Baltic states”.

Gajah Gallus pointed out that the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, would be “completely erased from the map” in the event of a possible Russian invasion, as well as the culture and people of the country, destroying “centuries of history and culture.”

To avoid this situation, the Prime Minister of Estonia called NATO is increasing its military presence in the three Baltic republics. An example of the Pucha massacre, which took place 80 days after the start of the Ukraine invasion, is that the military alliance cannot use the strategy of first “losing” and then “liberating” the territories occupied by Russia. “Everyone sees that this idea does not work”, Pointed out.

In addition, Gaza Gallus noted that he had spoken with foreign troops currently in Estonia, revealing that the soldiers had told him that if there was an invasion of Russia, they would be destroyed due to shortages. Military support. “They didn’t like that idea [provavelmente] Will be killed. “

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The Estonian Prime Minister notes that not all troops in the three Baltic countries need to be abroad, and that there will be regiments of soldiers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Kaza Gallus also spoke in support of Finland and Sweden joining NATO. Estonia is a “huge supporter” of the two Nordic countries entering into a military alliance, although the Prime Minister is not confident that the issue will be resolved until next week’s NATO summit in Madrid due to Turkey’s veto.

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