Do you take more than one bath a day? Be careful, it can be harmful to your health

This is the result of this study.

Many people take more than one bath a day. But a study by the University of Utah in the United States found that this habit is not good for your health.

“More than one bath a day can disrupt the skin’s microbial ecosystem,” the researchers say.

The skin is the main means of protecting our body against diseases and we are most vulnerable as this organ is affected. The investigation also found that “even if you take a bath only once and use a sponge every day, the harmful effect is the same.”

“The problem lies in trying to cleanse the skin too much because it directly affects the bacteria that live in our body and helps maintain the immune system and tissues,” they add.

Even in the heat, scientists recommend taking a bath once a day, with deep emissions only once a week. “As the name implies, it is sufficient to use neutral soap with circular motions,” the researchers conclude.

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