Court orders detention of two Ukrainian generals for abusing Russian soldiers – Observer

A Russian court on Monday ruled in favor of “absenteeism” to detain two commanders of the Ukrainian armed forces accused of “genocide” and mistreatment of captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine, according to Russian news agencies.

The Pasmani District Court ordered the action against Andrei Balyakov, commander of the 53rd Mechanized Regiment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and Oleksi Makov, commander of the 95th Separatist Airstrike Regiment.

Both Ukrainian officers must be detained for at least two months from the time they are handed over or detained within Russian territory. Both commanders have been accused of “genocide” and use of prohibited methods of warfare. And placed on the international wanted list of the Russian regime.

Russian investigators have accused the two commanders of engaging in “genocide of Donbass civilians,” an argument that was initially used by Russian President Vladimir Putin to launch a military campaign in Ukraine.

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This is the first time Russia has accused Ukrainian armed forces commanders of “genocide.”An indictment leading to life imprisonment, the TASS said.

Russia also wants to test the Ukrainian army that surrendered in Azovstal, In the city of Mariupol, they were besieged for several weeks. About 4,000 soldiers were captured in the area, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Ukrainian authorities want to arrange a prisoner of war, but the Russian side has repeatedly pointed it out Considers some of the Ukrainian men in the Azov regiment to be neo-Nazi militants, guilty of war crimesAnd not just players.

Last week, the independent Russian news agency Interfax reported that the investigation of the Ukrainian army that surrendered in Azovstal would begin in Mariupol.

The trial of the Azovstal army will begin in Mariupol

The investigation will continue to take place elsewhere., According to the same source. Separatist leader Denis Bushil told Russian news agency Interfax last week that all soldiers stationed at the Azovstel Steelworks until surrender had been detained in the self-proclaimed Russian-controlled Donetsk People’s Republic.

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On May 24, a Russian court ordered the detention of Maksym Márchenko, the former commander of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion Eder and the current governor of the Odessa region, in his “absence”, which was requested by the Kremlin-based commission of inquiry.

The Russian commission of inquiry alleges that Marsenko was behind the artillery attacks in Donetsk in March and May 2020, as well as the Ider Battalion and former commander of the 28th and 92nd Mechanized Forces. Commander of the 44th Private Artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On May 24, Denis Murika, former commander of the Idom Battalion, was added to the list of individuals and organizations involved in the Federal Financial Oversight Service, Rosefinmonitoring, terrorist and terrorist activities.

Murika was arrested last April while trying to cross the border into the Rostov region as a refugee into Russia.

The court in Rostov-on-Don sentenced Sippak In 2015 he was detained for two months on charges of destroying a self-proclaimed bridge in the Lukansk People’s Republic. The separatist militant guards were killed as a result.

The military offensive launched by Russia in the early hours of February 24 in Ukraine has already forced more than 14 million people to flee their homes – more than eight million internally displaced persons and more than 6.8 million neighbors – according to the latest UN report. The data estimate this refugee crisis as the worst in Europe since World War II (1939-1945). According to the United Nations, about 15 million people in Ukraine are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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The Russian invasion – justified by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the need to “tenacify” and militarize Ukraine for Russia’s security – was generally condemned by the international community, which responded by sending arms to Ukraine and imposing sanctions that practically affect everyone. Departments, from banking to sports.

The UN confirmed that 4,074 civilians had been killed and 4,826 wounded in the war, which entered its 96th day today, and stressed that the real number could be even higher and that it would only be known if there was access to the besieged cities or areas that were still in intense fighting.

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