Chewing gum may be a ‘weapon’ against Omicron. Scientists explain

A Ómicron transmission can be reduced by chewing gum, which reduces viral load in saliva. At least, that’s what researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in the US have confirmed in preparation for the first human trials.

According to study, published in Molecular Therapy , the lozenge contains a copy of the ACE2 protein, which is found on the cell surface and is used by the coronavirus to invade and infect cells. Now, its purpose is, in turn, to attract virus particles that are ‘trapped’ in the tablet.

In the clinical trial, participants chewed four ACE2 tablets daily for four days. ACE2 proteins are then transported into genetically engineered cells.

“Because nasal transmission is negligible compared to oral transmission, chewing an ACE2 lozenge and swallowing ACE2 protein should reduce infection, protect patients with Covid-19 and prevent transmission,” said study lead author Henry Daniel from the Faculty of Medicine. Dentistry, University of Pennsylvania, USA, as cited by the New York Post.

What to do if you have symptoms of Covid-19:

Keep calm and avoid going to hospitals. Stay home and call SNS 24 (808 24 24 24). If it is a medical emergency choose option 1 (for other symptoms you should choose option 2) or 112. Follow all the guidelines given, keep a distance of at least two meters and avoid close contact with people.

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