Briton dies after being held by separatists in eastern Ukraine

Britain’s Paul Ure, who was captured and held hostage by Russian-backed forces in eastern Ukraine in April, died on July 10, separatist officials announced today.

“(Despite the seriousness of his) crimes, Paul Urey received adequate medical treatment. Despite this, he died on July 10, facing his diagnosis and ‘stress,'” the head of separatist rights in the Donetsk region said. Daria Morozova, on the social network Telegram.

Daria Morozova said Paul Urey was a mercenary, not a humanitarian worker as his family and employer contend.

The Presidium Network, a non-profit organization based in Britain, announced on April 29 that two aid workers, Paul Urey and Dylan Healy, had been captured by the Russian military.

Ure’s mother noted that her son was on humanitarian duty and that he was diabetic and required insulin.

Paul Urey, a native of Manchester in the north of England, is portrayed by the Presidium Network as a family man who did not serve in the military, but spent eight years in Afghanistan as a businessman, working for the Dylan Healey hotel chain. United Kingdom.

In her release today, Morozova said British authorities knew Ure was being held by Donetsk armed forces, but they did nothing to the UK citizen.

Daria Morozova alleged that Ure “directed military operations, recruited and trained mercenaries for Ukrainian armed groups”.

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According to the separatist official, Ure suffered from diabetes, kidney, respiratory and heart problems and also suffered from psychological distress.

The same breakaway Donetsk region, which recognized Moscow’s independence shortly before the February 24 attack on Ukraine, executed two other Britons and a Moroccan for being mercenaries.

In Telegram, according to the Presidium Network, Morozova had nothing to say about Dylan Healy being caught with Paul Urey.

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