An incest child dies within two hours of birth

UA baby has died within hours of birth in Uzbekistan. It is believed that the child did not survive the handicaps caused by the fact that his parents were siblings.

The baby boy was born with multiple defects. Footage taken at a hospital in Dustlik shows a small baby crying in an incubator as a nurse cleans dry, scaly skin from his bottom.

The country’s health ministry said the baby was born on June 4 with “severe congenital ichthyosis” and other birth defects.

Congenital ichthyosis is an inherited skin disorder characterized by diffuse, abnormally red, dry, and rough skin with large, thick, and thin white scales.

The mother of the child, born in 1994, was 35 weeks and four days pregnant at the time of delivery. The baby was born with 47 cm. This was the woman’s second child, the first was by another man and the pregnancy continued normally.

Despite doctors’ best efforts to revive him, the baby died two hours and 10 minutes after he was born, the Mirror writes.

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