A quarter of Russians have stopped watching Russian state TV, angered by Putin’s pro-war propaganda – The Observer

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The Kremlin’s “relentless” pro-war propaganda is starting to irritate Russian audiences, a new poll has concluded. Moscow shares vast amounts of information in the preparation of its war reports A quarter of Russians turn off the television.

The Moscow Times newspaper, cited by the Telegraph, concluded only that in a study by the independent research center Rosmir. 65% of respondents watch Russian TV channels, 86% below He did so at the start of the armed conflict with Ukraine. That means 25% or a quarter have stopped watching the stations.

Russian state media will be used to shape public opinion and television channels TV Channel-1, Russia-1 e NT TV Publish pro-war news and analysis linked to the government. TV presenters such as Vladimir Solovyov began to become household names. Highlighting the Daily Mail. Solovyov is considered one of the Kremlin’s supporters by analysts including Julia Davis (a Russian media follower).

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Most of the commentators and analysts on the state television station are pro-Kremlin and pro-war, and there are no debates during the broadcasts. oh telegram “Progressing on reviews”Only those who believe that the Russian government is too soft on Ukrainians are asked“.

oh Daily Mail Many surveys indicate that 55% of Russians support invasionIt is down 66% from a few months ago.

Support for the war seems less likely as the audience for broadcasting propaganda channels declines. According to telegramAs life gets harder in Russia, sympathy for the Kremlin’s goals is waning. Because of Western sanctions.

The European Commission is already preparing new economic sanctions against Russia. The energy sector should not be covered

In another study, the same newspaper reported that the number of diners in restaurants in Moscow fell to a five-month low. Due to rise in commodity prices. Already, the film industry has stopped distributing their blockbuster films and has warned that they may shut down without government support.

Is Russia using energy and food as weapons of war? ‘It’s volatile,’ says Yale professor

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